AWSA - Key to Asian Wine Market

AWSA was founded in 2009 by Prof Tommy Lam, aimed to create a platform for Asia Sommeliers to be the KOL for the wine and spirits industry.  This is an Award judged by 100% Asia Champion Sommeliers and TOP Sommeliers.   Based on OIV Wine and Spirit Award System, every product is graded independently.

Asia is the fastest growing market for wine and spirits in the last 10 years. More and more Asian enjoy wine and spirits, but not many know how to pick the right one. Naturally, professional Sommeliers become the link between the producers and consumers.  The AWSA judges by a panel of Champion Sommeliers and TOP Sommeliers, will be held on 3 Sept at the China Merchant Wine Cellar Hong Kong.

TOP and Champion Sommeliers from Asia will form the judging panel.  They are the best Opinion Leaders with knowledge and experiences in wine and spirits of Asian consumers preferences.

The AWSA has also invited Master Sommelier Brian Julyan, the CEO of The Court of Master Sommeliers, to be the Chairman of the Judging panel, together with his Master Sommelier team.

The entry wines are well kept at the China Merchant Wine Cellar, which is one of the most sophisticated wine storage facilities in Hong Kong with 24 hours temperature and humidity control.

These wines will be presented at the Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong between 5-7 Sept, for visitors to taste.

Directory of these Award Winning Wines with their local and producer contacts are also available for Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, F & B, and Wine Professionals.

Since 2014, there were more than 1200 entries of wine and spirits, about 900 were awarded with various Medals.

AWSA is THE KEY to Asia Wine and Spirits Market.

By Tommy Lam

Founder of AWSA

Asia Wine Institute